Namibia Adventure Tour (14 Days)


Namibia, the former Southwest Africa, inspires with its grandiose landscape and unique animal world. We drive about 2500km through the sparsely populated country. Geographically, it is located on the Tropic of Capricorn. The trip is by escort vehicle, camping or lodges with evenings around the campfire under the Southern Cross.

Namibia is the second most sparsely populated country in the world, but it offers a unique wildlife. About two and a half times the size of Germany, only 2.3 million people live here. The official language is English, with a surprising number of people speaking German due to the former German colony. Most of the roads are well-maintained gravel roads. Daily stages are aimed at the sights during the day and are around 180-300 km.

Tour requirements:

Suitable for every experienced motorcycle tourer. No off-road knowledge required for this motorcycle tour.

This tour gives you a comprehensive impression of Namibia. On 2500 km, about 85% of which are bush roads, we see a large part of the country within 14 days.



  • Day 1 Arrival In Windhoek

    Pick up at Hosea Kutako, Windhoek International Airport, 45 km transfer to Windhoek. Here we stroll through the hustle and bustle and familiarize ourselves with the African mentality, do formalities, errands, such as exchanging money, telephone cards, sun and mosquito repellent, buy biltong (dried meat) or something similar for the way, because the next day we go to the bush . Dinner at cost at well-known Joe's Beer house.

  • Day 2 Omaruru

    We start through mountains and farmland via the town of Okahandja, with its large woodcarving market, to Omaruru, the center of Namibian artists. At the beginning of 1904, the settlement became the scene of a Herero uprising against the German soldiers stationed here, which was put down after just one week. The Franke Tower near the Omaruru River Guesthouse is reminiscent of colonial times. Overnight at River Guest House. breakfast and dinner

  • Day 3 Outjo

    Today we drive towards Etosha National Park. The animal kingdom, known for its many elephants and lions. Short visit to a local German farmer. A short stage via Kalkfeld to Outjo, for which we will get up before sunrise tomorrow. It has become a tradition to stop off at the Outjo Café to try a Black Forest cake. 🙂 Breakfast and dinner.

  • Day 4 Etosha National Park

    We drive to the park, unfortunately you are not allowed in the park with motorbikes and during the joint game safari we quickly realize why. In addition to springbok, antelope, wildebeest, zebra and giraffe, we may also see elephant, cheetah, lion and rhino. Return to Outjo. breakfast and dinner

  • Day 5 Twyfelfontein

    We get back on the motorbikes and head towards the Namib Desert. The landscape is constantly changing. The slopes become more attractive and lonely. Refuel in Khorixas, the capital of Damaraland. Continue towards the Namib Desert. If you want, you can visit the Petrified Forest (optional). The landscape around Twyfelfontein is impressive. The all-round view from the Sundowner Spot is unforgettable. breakfast and dinner

  • Day 6 Brandberg

    The residents of a Damara village show us how to light a fire without matches and give us an insight into ancient traditions. We visit the rock engravings of Twyfelfontein, which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage, on rocks in the area or at the lodge, where we spend the lunch break. Historical documents were painstakingly carved into the rock here more than 2000 years ago. The Brandberg is Namibia's highest mountain and desert elephants regularly visit here. Our overnight accommodation, the White Lady Lodge, is located below the Brandberg on a dry river. breakfast and dinner

  • Day 7 Swakopmund

    Today we cross the Namib Desert and the Dorob National Park to Hentiesbay on the rough Atlantic coast. We continue along the sea to Swakopmund, where we can brush off the desert dust. Breakfast. Dinner at the restaurant at cost.

  • Day 8 Swakopmund

    We stay one more day in the enchanting city. Time to cultivate (again), Swakopmund is a very attractive city with a wide range of leisure activities. Whether it's a catamaran tour with dolphins and seals in Walvis Bay, a scenic flight over the huge dune area to the famous Sossusvlei, or a quad tour in the dunes, there's a lot to experience here. If you want it quieter, you can stroll between the aquarium, jewelery shops, the crystal gallery, the museum, cafés, or stroll along the sea and/or visit a cozy beer garden. Breakfast and dinner in the restaurant at cost

  • Day 9 Namib Naukluft National Park

    Recovered and refreshed, it goes through the huge Namib Naukluft National Park. Our destination is a farm surrounded by rugged mountains. An insider oasis. Candle light dinner in the gorge. Breakfast and dinner.

  • Day 10 Sesriem

    We head south to Sesriem. The local attraction is the Sossusvlei. An unreal landscape, with huge dunes that are among the highest in the world. On lonely gravel roads on the edge of the Namib Desert we get to the desert gas station of Solitaire. Short break to watch the hustle and bustle here. Breakfast and dinner.

  • Day 11 Sossusvlei

    Early start to the impressive Sossusvlei. Motorbikes are not allowed there either, so we will use a shuttle service for the half-day excursion. The clay surface "Dead Vlei" with the many dead camel thorn trees between the gigantic dunes is very impressive. The Sesriem Canyon is no less interesting and rounds off our 11th day with impressions. Breakfast and dinner.

  • Day 12 Kalahari

    We change from the Namib Desert to the Kalahari Desert, with its yellow grassy red dunes and proud camelthorn trees. Winding route to the high plateau with many vantage points. In the evening around the campfire, after a 'sundowner', we marvel at the starry sky and the Southern Cross. Breakfast and dinner.

  • Day 13 Direction Windhoek

    On the contrasting bush road we drive along red dunes. At almost 300 km on the last day we have another chance to get dusty before we reach Windhoek. At dinner together in the restaurant, we can again exchange our impressions of what we have seen, experienced and perceived in this fantastic country. Breakfast.

  • Day 14 Windhoek

    Return flight or connecting holiday? – If you are pressed for time, say goodbye to your newly made friends. If you want to extend, no problem, we can take care of the following holiday. Transfer to the airport.

  • We reserve the right to make minor changes to the course of the tour.


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