Why not drive with the four-wheel drive, e.g. through the Etosha National Park, at eye level with the wildebeest, springbok, zebras, rhinos and – well – giraffes?

Open your own cool beer in the evening and relax around the campfire.

For the 4 x 4 self-drive tour you can rent a car in advance, or we can reserve one for you. However many people you would like to rent the car with is up to you. Of course, this has an effect on the rental price. The more passengers, the cheaper. It is also a great alternative to a bus trip for families. There are plenty of good and reputable car rental companies in Windhoek. We recommend Savannah Car Hire, you can see different options on their website. We will also advise you on what kind of equipment you will need and what is useful to take with you.

The model you see in the photos is a Toyota 2.4 liter Diesel Hilux with two roof tents, 20 liter service water tank, two spare wheels, air compressor, tools, jack, bedding, two gas stoves including gas bottles, dishes, cooking utensils, pots, pans, grill, four chairs, a table, 40 liter refrigerator, dual battery system, lamp and awning. Completely sufficient for the two-week adventure, whereby the roof tents and the awning are not absolutely necessary, as you will get floor tents from us as well.

The rental costs are around €70 per day, depending on the equipment, how many drivers are specified, the season and the insurance package you choose. You can find the latest information on the car rentals website or let us make you an offer.

In the morning, after a hearty breakfast, you begin to pack your vehicle. During the ‘briefing’, the daily route that we will all drive together is discussed. You can determine the pace and breaks yourself. You always have the certainty that the ‘mother ship’ (the support vehicle) is always on your route and can provide assistance if necessary. You can meet other tour participants during the day, but you don’t have to. Everything under the motto: Everything is possible, yet nothing has to be. In the evening, at the resting place and by the campfire, people meet for dinner and a chat. In principle, it is a separate trip with a group characteristic.

Prices:      €1850


* The inclusive information is identical to the info as for the 'Namibia Adventure Tour' except motorcycle rental and luggage transport

exclusive services identical to the 'Namibia Adventure Tour'